The 35 “BEST TACOS from Mexico” | The best food in the world

The 35 “BEST TACOS” from Mexico | The best food in the world

The 35 “BEST TACOS from Mexico” | The best food in the world

Do you know how many types of tacos exist and what they are called? Do you fancy some type of taco, but you don’t know which one? Well, keep reading and below you will find the list with the different types of Mexican tacos with images and photos, to delight your visual palate. The 35 “BEST TACOS” from Mexico | The best food in the world

Whether in tacos al pastor, carnitas, sausage, pork, barbecue, birria, roast beef, chicken, chili, nopal with cheese, grasshoppers, avocado, among others; the taco has an incredible variety that is for the tastes of all corn lovers and is part of the Mexican culture that it offers.

The taco is ideal as a meal at an affordable cost and rich in a series of basic nutrients for the body. For this reason, we will tell you about some of the types of tacos that there are; but be careful not to go too fast, we will tell you all about this traditional delicacy. Take a dive to choose your favorite type of taco:

“BEST TACOS from Mexico “


1. Tacos al pastor

Delicious tacos al pastor

The taco al pastor is one of the most traditional types of Mexican tacos in the country and in the world. Despite being a simple meal, it is one of the best options for Mexican cuisine recipes. Its origin is located in the city of Puebla, but there may be different varieties of this Mexican classic throughout the Mexican territory. The preparation of tacos al pastors is easy and fast.

To prepare a good taco al pastor, you should start by cutting the meat into thin fillets and letting it marinate in marinade for long hours, there are even people who marinate the meat overnight. Once the pieces of al pastor meat have been marinated well, they should be arranged piece by piece so that when it is sliced, the meat is perfectly united and does not break. In some restaurants, they combine a layer of meat and an onion layer to further accentuate the flavor. Get to know them now!

The 35 “BEST TACOS from Mexico” | The best food in the world

BEST TACOS from Mexico

2. Tacos de canasta

BEST TACOS" from Mexico

Tacos de canasta are the classic sweaty tacos. They are steam heated and are known to be very inexpensive. They are prepared with small corn tortillas and are distinguished for being oily, sweaty and for their stews that are generally made of potato beans, shredded beef, pork rinds, green papaymole. But above all, they are characterized by the fact that you will find them in a well-mounted basket on a bicycle touring the neighborhoods of the city.

It is said that they have their origin in the mining regions of Hidalgo and Guanajuato, since it used to be an easy food for workers to eat. These taquitos are transported and kept “warm” wrapped in rags in their traditional basket. Did they fancy you? Let’s try some delicious basket tacos!

The 35 “BEST TACOS from Mexico” | The best food in the world

BEST TACOS from Mexico

3. Tacos dorados

BEST TACOS" from Mexico

They are the golden studs. They are made from freshly made corn tortillas and are usually filled with shredded chicken, beef, pork or barbecue meat, beans or potato with cheese. The tortilla is rolled up and fried in abundant oil or lard so that it takes a golden and firm consistency. The preparation of the different types of fried tacos is the same; just change the padding. For a greater taste to your palate you can chop cabbage, radish, cucumber and even a few slices of tomato according to taste. They are garnished with a spoonful of sour cream and grated white cheese, they can also be accompanied by avocado and a rich sauce made from chile de arbol to give it a Sinaloa-style touch. Get to know the delicious golden tacos here.

The 35 “BEST TACOS” from Mexico | The best food in the world

4. Tacos de barbacoa

BEST TACOS" from Mexico

1.It is the traditional taco prepared with lamb, mutton or beef in the northern states. It can be served in the traditional way, with a soft tortilla, or with the tortilla rolled up covering the meat or fried in oil, covered with fresh cream and cheese. It is usually accompanied by the broth of the lamb, which contains rice and chickpeas, and is seasoned with drunk sauce, prepared with pasilla chili and pulque.

This taquito has its origin in Hidalgo, where it all began; Well, it is said that it was the pioneer State in using the technique of a hole in the floor as an oven to cook meat. Let us also remember that it was a land inhabited by the Tlaxcalans, who are said to have made an alliance with Hernán Cortés for the conquest.

Those who know say that Cortés was in charge of putting the lamb in the oven and turning it into a barbecue. In various parts of this state it is very common to find stalls or places to barbecue beef, lamb or goat, depending on which one you prefer. Surely here you will taste the authentic barbecue prepared in the oven. Yes or yes, you must eat some tacos here. Know now everything about barbecue tacos.

BEST TACOS from Mexico

5. Tacos de carnitas

BEST TACOS" from Mexico

They are the classic taquitos made with pork cooked in lard. For its preparation it is used in huge copper pots, or stainless steel pots. Surely you have tried them! For better context, carnitas are pork cut into small pieces and fried in a huge copper or stainless steel pan with lard, salt, and tequesquite.

Some people add spices to them, but you didn’t know that once fried they can add coca, orange juice, beer, water and milk, so that this gives it the characteristic golden tone. Not all businesses or positions do this type. Do you want to know more about carnitas tacos? We tell you everything.

BEST TACOS from Mexico

6. Tacos de guisado

BEST TACOS" from Mexico

They are taquitos made from typical Mexican dishes, such as: chicharrón in green sauce, rib in morita chili, pork loin entomatado, chili stuffed with cheese, stuffed, green mole with chicken or pork, hash, steak in pasilla chili, egg with ham, egg in sauce, sausage with potatoes, etc.

It is customary to be served with two tortillas with rice as a base and it is said that it all began in the home of Mexican families because before the stews were prepared in clay pots for the whole family to eat. And like everything in the life of a good Mexican, after serving these stews they began to accompany them with tortillas, thus creating the stew taco.

Over the years, this tradition has become a business for millions of people who do not have time to cook at home and who want to have a complete, simple meal at affordable prices. This is how stalls and economic kitchens are born. Enjoy your stew tacos.

BEST TACOS from Mexico

7. Tacos de carne asada

BEST TACOS" from Mexico

Literally as the name indicates, they are tacos with roast beef. They are generally consumed in restaurants specializing in grilled meat; tradition that is born in the North of the country, where it is even said that roast meat is part of its identity.

In states like Nuevo León, and especially in Monterrey, it is almost legal to prepare roast beef tacos every weekend in your backyard, garden or even in the garage. Here the place does not matter, the thing is that there is roast meat for everyone.

In this region of the country, the Guinness record is held for making the largest roast beef in the world, where more than 40,000 people attended to taste it. Next, we will tell you everything about roast beef tacos so that you are encouraged to enjoy them.

BEST TACOS from Mexico

8. Tacos de suadero

Sabrosos tacos de suadero

Suadero tacos are prepared with two fried tortillas and a portion of well-cooked suadero is added on top. They can be accompanied with coriander, onion, lemon, salt and either red or green sauce to taste.

This taco is native to Mexico City, and was born out of necessity. The rhythm of life of Mexicans generated since the 20th century, when an impressive migration from the countryside to the big city began, triggered the appearance of taco stands; since there was also the need for the workers who will require to consume a food that is quite complete to nourish them and give them the necessary energy to continue with their work.

But they also needed the food to be easy and fair, and that is how our beloved beef suadero taco was born, including the 3B: good, nice and cheap. Get to know the delicious suadero tacos here.

BEST TACOS from Mexico

9. Tacos de pescado

Deliciosos tacos de pescado

Fish tacos are an appetizer that consists of a corn tortilla filled with battered and fried fish, where the batter or batter is prepared with wheat flour, baking powder, egg, salt, pepper, water, beer and; sometimes mustard.

Fish taquitos are typical of the states of the Baja California peninsula and are usually made as the diner asks for them. They are very popular for breakfast, lunch or a mid-day meal. Its flavor will take you to the beaches and coasts of the country. Do you need more information? Don’t worry, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about fish tacos.

BEST TACOS from Mexico

10. Tacos de bistec

Exquisitos tacos de bistec

Steak tacos are among the most consumed in Mexico and their preparation is very simple. With an incomparable flavor. steak tacos are the result of a recipe that includes ingredients from two cultures: pre-Hispanic and Spanish. Contains corn tortilla and sauce, typical of Mexico; while they also include meat from the cow that comes from the European culture that took place during the Conquest.

They were consumed in pre-Columbian America and were traditionally eaten in a taco. Steak tacos are the heritage of our ancestors to the new generations and even for the whole world, where it is increasingly known and consumed. And since in our kitchen the tortilla cannot be missing, locate your nearest taqueria. Let’s try some delicious steak tacos.

11. Tacos de cochinita

La mejor cochinita

These tacos are made with cochinita, a traditional dish from the state of Yucatan. It is prepared by bathing the pork meat with adobo (achiote) and leaving it to macerate for at least one hour. Preheat the oven to 180°C and add the meat.

Cochinita pibil tacos are a Mexican dish that dates back to pre-Hispanic times, in which spices such as chili are used to season different types of dishes. Later, the Spanish brought the pig to this continent. Some of the recipes and preparation techniques of the ancient inhabitants of Mexico were adapted to use pork meat as a base, since previously venison, wild boar, pheasant or turkey meat was used. Do you want to know more information about the cochinita pibil tacos? Here we tell you everything.

BEST TACOS from Mexico

12. Tacos Gobernador

Los tacos gobernador

Do you already know the governor tacos? Nope!? Well, what are you waiting for to enter this delicious world of tacos, where the protagonist comes from the sea and the best thing is that you don’t have to travel to any coast to try them, since you can find them anywhere in the country, even in the center.

We invite you to know the detailed history of this taco, from where it all started, who was the mastermind who invented this delicacy, where you can eat the best tacos and the best, an easy and delicious recipe that you can prepare at home. Don’t think twice, come in and fall in love with these delicious governor tacos! A tradition that you have to try.

BEST TACOS from Mexico

13. Tacos de Birria

Deliciosos tacos de birria con consomé

One day we woke up and the birria tacos were viral, tacos here, quesabirrias there, suddenly this delicious way of preparing tacos became a boom on the internet and no one knew why or yes, but we did not know the treasure we had in Mexico, until we learned about its history and tasted its unique flavor.

And you, how would you like some delicious birria tacos accompanied by a very warm consommé on a Sunday morning after an intense night of partying? We invite you to get to know the best taquerias that exist in Mexico City and go eat a few birria tacos in each of them!

BEST TACOS from Mexico

14. Tacos de Camarón

Tipos de tacos de camarón

When we talk about shrimp, without a doubt we travel to the Northwest of the Country: Ensenada, Sinaloa and especially Mazatlan, but here we will show you that it is not necessary to travel to any of these parts of the Country to enjoy the delights of shrimp tacos, and it is that we are going to teach you how to prepare the weathered shrimp tacos Sinaloa, Tijuana and even Poblanos style.

We accompany you on this adventure so that you learn to prepare the best, we show you easy and quick recipes that you can enjoy preparing and especially eating. Don’t stay with the craving and prepare some delicious shrimp tacos!

15. Tacos árabes

Orden de tacos árabes

You probably think that these Arab tacos really originate in the Middle East or that they were some recipe that emerged from those lands so that later a countryman saw it and decided to make his own version. But although its name has a foreign name, the Arab tacos are originally from our country, here we will tell you a little about their history and where you can eat the best tacos. Do not stay with the craving and know everything about the Arab tacos!

BEST TACOS from Mexico

16. Tacos de tripa

Tacos de tripa

How would you like to fill that tummy with some well browned tripe taquitos? That’s right, one of the dishes that we could say are eccentric in Mexican gastronomy but with a very simple base, shows us how ingenuity combined with always looking for something that delights the palate opens up a range of possibilities. Don’t wait any longer and dare to try the delicious tacos de tripa!

BEST TACOS from Mexico

17. Tacos de cabeza

Tacos de cabeza

The beef or sheep head tacos is such a delicious piece of these little animals, that for many it is a delicacy, we realize that the beef head or the sheep head, have a rich assortment of different flavors and textures that delight to every palate. Learn all about these delicious tacos de cabeza here!

BEST TACOS from Mexico

18. Tacos de cecina

Tacos de Cecina

To get to the beautiful town of Yecapixtla, forget about maps, GPS or cell phone applications, only your nose will be necessary to find the delicious aroma that this town of Morelos gives off, where one of the most representative dishes of our gastronomy also originates: the jerky Learn more about cecina tacos and go for yours!

BEST TACOS from Mexico

19. Tacos placeros

Tacos placeros

Its origin is uncertain, from those who believe that it emerged in the Mexican capital to those who say it began its taco life in the neighboring state of central Mexico, the only thing we know is that whatever its origin, these tacos are a spectacular bomb flavor. Get ready to discover how amazing tacos placeros are!

BEST TACOS from Mexico

20. Tacos de arrachera

Tacos de arrachera

It is one of the most popular cuts in Mexico, it is common to find it already marinated in the supermarket and one of the most requested cuts in meat restaurants. But flank steak is actually much more complex than you might think, it’s a muscle and it wasn’t until the seventies that we started eating it. Discover the great secrets of this cut and enjoy it in your next roast beef!

BEST TACOS from Mexico

21. Tacos de adobada

Tacos de adobada

There are many myths about the origin of these tacos, whether they are from Greece, whether they are from the Middle East, and the reality is that, who knows, the only thing we know is that their flavor is unmatched and that it is always a good time to enjoy them. , so don’t stay with the desire, know everything about marinated tacos!

BEST TACOS from Mexico

22. Tacos de lengua

Tacos de lengua

Known for going out of the neighborhood to the finest restaurants, although not many like their softness and particular flavor, they make them one of the tacos that best get along with whatever you put on them. Do you already know what we are talking about? Nothing more and nothing less than tongue tacos that yes or yes you have to try!

BEST TACOS from Mexico

23. Tacos de flor de jamaica

Imagine that it’s lunchtime and you’re ready to taste some taquitos accompanied by a delicious fresh water, does it feel like it, right? Now imagine the taquitos… Large tortilla, warm, but stuffed with JAMAICA. Whoops! They are certainly a delicacy. Get ready because here we leave you a recipe for jamaica tacos that will fascinate you!

24. Tacos de ojo

Tacos de ojo

We will talk about the dish that probably has the most divided opinions of all and we are not going to try to convince you of anything, what we will do here is talk about how delicious this delicacy is, its origins and how you can prepare it yourself at home. So don’t stay with the desire and go ahead and have a taco de ojo!

25. Tacos veganos

Tacos veganos

There are tacos for everyone, everyone, but seriously, everyone, all you have to do is place a little of your favorite stew on a tortilla, roll it up and that’s it, it is not necessary to have a protein like meat inside the tortilla, there are options and if you don’t eat meat, here we leave you some recipes so you can put together some delicious vegan tacos. Continue reading!

26. Tacos mañaneros

Tacos mañaneros

Imagine this scene: You wake up with your partner one weekend, look into her eyes and say: What? A morning? Whoops! Do not misunderstand this beginning, because it is not what you think. A morning is something delicious that emerged in the north of the country, which goes inside a flour tortilla with a mix of flavors worthy to start the morning. Get your stomach ready for some morning tacos!

27. Tacos de papa

tacos dorados de papa

Originally from the center of the Mexican Republic, these love rolls or folded are an important part for all those allergic to shellfish in times of Lent and also a food that will leave you satisfied from your first bite to the last. Here we tell you everything you need to know about potato tacos!

28. Tacos dorados de pollo

Tacos dorados de pollo

Are they flauto or are they tacos? This time we will talk about some tacos that are very easy to make and that are the perfect remedy for those situations where you don’t know what to cook. Today we will talk about golden chicken tacos. Learn about the different styles of preparing them, recipes and their origin!

29. Tacos campechanos

Taquitos campechanos

From the northern part of the Mexican Republic, with a curious name and a much more adventurous story than the staging itself. Today we will talk about the tacos that fill us the most and that we thank the Gods for their creation. All stand up to applause: Los Tacos Campechanos!

30. Tacos de alambre 

Tacos de Alambre

Wire tacos, although one believes that it is a strange mixture that occurred to the taco maker in the morning, have their history in the form of ancient preparation. And today we will discover what their forms of creation are and why they are cataloged as one of the best tacos you can ask for. Buckle up because we’re starting with wire studs!

31. Tacos de buche 

Tacos de Buche

On this occasion we will talk about some tacos that many have wondered where the meat comes from and although the name may not be so striking, we assure you that it will be an adventure for your taste buds when you try it. Today they play some delicious buche tacos!

32. Tacos de longaniza

Tacos de Longaniza

On this occasion we will talk about some tacos that many have wondered where the meat comes from and although the name may not be so striking, we assure you that it will be an adventure for your taste buds when you try it. Today they play some delicious buche tacos!


33. Tacos de obispo 

Have you ever heard of bishop tacos? We know, it is unusual, but it is undoubtedly a very delicious Mexican dish that you definitely have to try. Do you want to know more? Well, it’s your time! Know everything about bishop tacos.

34. Tacos de marlin

Tacos de Marlin

To sink our teeth, Mexicans are some of the most expert in the world and as is common in the Mexican Republic, when a delicious dish is known, they begin to spread throughout the Mexican territory and we can find this behavior with any dish and in this way This way we mean that any seafood place that offers some type or variety of tacos, we are sure to find the Tacos de Marlin. And if you don’t know them yet, you have to do it now!

35. Tacos de machitos 

Tacos de machitos

As we know, in our Mexican gastronomy there is a very large amalgam full of unique flavors and aromas that can delight any of the most demanding palates in Mexico. In this range of flavors we find flavors that take us from salty to sweet, but something that these varieties do share is that the seasoning ends up surprising everyone and a perfect example of this is the tacos de machitos!


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